418 cedar street, santa cruz, california
open 7am to 11 pm every day
The oldest coffee shop in Santa Cruz

Caffe  Pergolesi

At Caffe Pergolesi, we strive to maintain a friendly environment where anyone can come in to relax, read, study, or just socialize. We put great effort into making and selling the best coffee, espresso, pastries, and food in a friendly and culturally diverse atmosphere.

We hire local coffee "Baristas" who know the coffee business and the customers, while making the best coffee drinks around. Many of the baristas are long time locals, creative students attending either UC Santa Cruz or Cabrillo College.


Caffe Pergolesi is a turn-of-the-century Victorian Coffeehouse radiating lots of old world character. The four rooms in the coffeehouse include the Lobby, Blue Room, Green Room and the Orange Room. Each room has ample seating for reading, conversation, work or studying and also displays one of the four local artist’s works.


Caffe Pergolesi offers FREE WiFi access to our customers from every room in the Café and from every deck on the outside seating areas.Come and log-on to 80211g at 54 Mbs of DSL –  for Free!! You can relax at your computer, log-on, and surf the web for a multitude of reasons like studying, research, email, games, blogs, shopping…. well, you get the  idea . If you want to surf the web faster try our famous Double Mocha, Double Latte or the finest fresh brewed organic, fair trade roasted coffee.