Home Coffee MakerHamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe Review
Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe Review

Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe Review

The Hamilton Beach Ensemble 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe is a quality coffee maker that features all the functions we have come to expect. The coffee it brews tastes great, its a very durable machine and it also has a stylish red and silver coating, giving it a very unique look.



  • Unique look
  • High in functionality


  • No thermal carafe



The Hamilton Beach Ensemble was designed for people what wanted a coffee maker that can do it all but not have it run them $200 or more. If your are looking for a fast and convenient coffee maker with a unique style and look, you’ve found it!

The Hamilton Beach Ensemble is a well designed and sturdy coffee maker made with only high quality parts. The solid construction results in a much longer life cycle and better durability. The coffee tastes great and you can use even use certain features to customize the brew. There is a regular and bold setting, useful if someone in the households likes the coffee stronger. You can also choose to brew just 1-4 cups which adjusts the brewing process to ensure the coffee still tastes the same. The glass carafe can hold 12 cups of coffee which is great if you ever have a bunch of people over or for those long mornings when you have time to drink multiple cups, for example. The carafe features a drip free spout and a stay-cool handle to make pouring easy, obviously it also features measuring marks so you know how much coffee you are making.

Moreover, the Hamilton Beach Ensemble features numerous functions that improve your coffee drinking experience and are simply fun to use. The auto on function allows you to program a brewing start time using the LCD clock, that way the coffee will be brewed by the time you get up! If you happen to be up before the coffee is done, just use the brew pause function to sneak a cup while the machine is still brewing. The hot plate also turns of automatically for safety reasons and so you don’t ever need to worry about having forgotten to turn it off. Lastly, another cool thing about the Hamilton Beach Ensemble is its look. Red is an unusual color for a coffee maker and combined with the sleek chrome it will give your kitchen a modern and unique look. Besides the color, the build itself is quite compact and it looks sturdy. All parts are easy to remove for cleaning and doing so regularly is the best way to keep it function properly.

This is a great coffee maker to choose, especially if you consider the price. I can highly recommend it to any looking to fulfill their average coffee needs. The coffee tastes great, the machine is easy to use and has all the functions you could ask for. It really is a home run!

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