Home Coffee MakerMelitta 46893 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review
Melitta 46893 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Melitta 46893 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review

The Melitta 46893 12-Cup Coffee Maker is a modern and sleekly designed home coffee brewer with great value for money. The focus is on the brew and the result is a consistent great coffee taste.


  • Great tasting coffee
  • Good value for money


  • No thermal carafe
  • taller than most coffee makers


The Melitta 46893 was designed for people or households that don’t drink the same type of coffee all the time. If you like coffee maker’s with a variety of functions and options to customize your cup of coffee, the Melitta 46893 is ideal.

The Melitta 46893 is a durable and modern coffee maker that will do more the fulfill your average coffee needs. This coffee maker is right in the middle ground, where its much better than a cheap little machine but not as expensive as some of the expert coffee makers available on the market. The Melitta 46893 uses a cone shaped filter basket which has proven to improve the richness of your coffee because the ground beans are properly soaked. Additionally, you can choose how strong you want your coffee to be using the brew strength setting. You can choose between regular, bold and robust, giving you the option of brewing exactly what you’re in the mood for. The combination of all these features leaves you with a delicious brew. Mellita coffee makers are known for the great tasting coffee they brew and you just need to look at some user comments to have this reinforced.

To make the coffee maker more convenient and easier to use, Mellita added numerous useful functions to the Melitta 46893. You can program it to start brewing fresh coffee automatically, wake up with your morning coffee ready to go! The heater plate also turns off automatically so you don’t ever need to come home to a carafe full of burned coffee. Lastly, the brew pause function lets you sneak a cup during the brew process, for those moments when you can’t wait. The carafe fits 12 cups of coffee, allowing you to brew a nice big batch so you have enough coffee for a long morning or dinner party, for example. It’s easy to use and place in the carafe, no hassle involved. The grip and spout also ensure for drip free pour although users should be careful not to pour to fast.

I can highly recommend the Melitta 46893 to just about all types of coffee drinkers, especially if you’re not looking to spend too much. It’s a great value for money product, made with high quality parts to ensure durability. The biggest plus point, besides the low price, is the great tasting coffee. Its definitely worth it, all the features are a nice bonus too.

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